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Aerial Acoustics 7T Rare Ebony wood [Expired]

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Some of the finest products built in America & Europe, combined with the finest service and know how and expert setup from Electrical power to the finest Audio stands, electronics speakers turntables and streaming. We stock, install and configure Roon and MQA. 
We are offering a MINT Aerial Acoustics Model 7T floorstanding speaker for sale.
This speaker is finished in Ebony wood. A very rare finish which was a $2000.00 up-charge.    
The speakers will be shipped via freight only.  
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Aerial 7T

The exceptional ability of the Model 7T surpasses the competence of conventional systems through its exacting design and the high quality of its enclosures, networks, and drivers.

Multiple layers of curved, stressed, and laminated MDF provide non-resonant behavior unmatched in conventional flat panel construction. Seven full cross section braces remove any remaining subtle coloration. The resulting labyrinthine structure is virtually inert.

Specially compounded Papyrus forms the stiff but precisely damped midrange cone. This driver is isolated in a separate, wool-filled chamber. The woofer cones are a rigid, damped bilaminate composite. Both driver types have cast magnesium frames, large magnets and long linear excursions. The soft ring-dome tweeter has large dual magnets, a damped chamber, and a copper pole sleeve. The result is that each driver remains linear well beyond its range of use, maintains accurate transients, and exhibits exceedingly low distortion.

Seamless amplitude and phase integration is provided by precision networks using 21 high-quality components including polypropylene film capacitors and low-oxygen copper air-core coils. High current nickel-steel cores are used in the bass. Separate glass-epoxy boards are employed for the bass and midrange/treble sections. Silver solder and Teflon® insulated high-purity copper wire are used throughout.


System performance is exceptionally accurate and natural with excellent transparency, detail, dynamics, and spatial presentation. Low bass has outstanding authority, control, and extension. Upper bass is well defined and articulate. Midrange is extremely natural, clear, and beautifully detailed. Treble is delicate and open, without edge or false emphasis.

Excellent coherence, three-dimensional imaging, and transient accuracy are provided by the wide dispersion, low diffraction, phase accuracy, and extremely low stored energy of the system. The result is a musical experience that is truly captivating.


Frequency Response 28Hz to 25kHz ±2dB, -6dB at 23Hz
Dispersion 30Hz to 15kHz +0, -3dB from axial response 45 degree horizontal measurement window
Sensitivity 89dB for 2.83 volts at 1 meter on axis
Impedance 4Ω nominal, 3Ω minimum, low reactance
Power Requirement 25 watts minimum, 100 or more recommended
Woofers Twin 7.1″ (180mm) with cast magnesium frame, rigid bilaminate composite cones, large magnets, 1.5″ coils, long and linear Xmax
Midrange 5.9″ (150mm) with cast magnesium frame, special Papyrus blend cone, copper pole sleeve, dual magnets1.25″ coil, long and linear Xmax
Tweeter 1.0″ (25mm) with thick machined aluminum plate, soft ring-dome design with machined wave guide, dual magnets, 1.0″ coil, copper pole sleeve
Crossovers Fourth order acoustic Linkwitz-Riley at 400 Hz and 3,000 Hz crossover frequencies, 2 physically separate networks on glass-epoxy PCBs, bi-wirable and biampable, high-purity copper wiring and silver solder, premium passive components
Cabinet 9 layer laminated, curved, stressed MDF walls, 7 interlocked full-size braces, tongue and groove joints, 2-piece curved and damped baffle, architectural veneers
Finishes Gloss Rosenut, Nero Metallic Black
Grille Cloth covered curved steel with hexagonal windows, 8 Neodymium magnets, no visible mounting hardware
Connections Four gold-plated binding posts with copper jumpers, bi-wire and bi-amp capable
Included Accessories Nero metallic black base, adjustable feet, adjustable spikes, floor protectors
Optional Accessory Exposed machined hardware on laser cut steel bars
Dimensions HWD   44.5 × 9.7 × 15.3″ (1130 × 245 × 390mm)
Weight Each 96lbs (44kg) – 154lbs (70kg) packed


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