Burmester036usedBurmester 036 Fresh Condition, Current version. Superb sounding amp!The amplifier is currently set to US 110-120V due to non paying buyer from US! I can set it back to 220V-240V for Europe, Asia or other 240V region buyer.I must sell my precious Burmester 036. It´...4350.00

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Burmester 036 Fresh Condition, Current version. Superb sounding amp! [Expired]

no longer for sale

The amplifier is currently set to US 110-120V due to non paying buyer from US!
I can set it back to 220V-240V for Europe, Asia or other 240V region buyer.

I must sell my precious Burmester 036. It´s only about 5 years old and in mint condition.

Amplifiers like this don't come for sale very often so if interested, don`t wait too long!

Some probably noticed that I sold my Burmester 956 MKII here about a year ago and can state that with 036 you will get 101% the same sound quality. Slight edge in favor of 956 MKII is only evident when you listen very loud with speakers that are extremely power hungry.

Burmester 036 has enormous damping factor of: > 1800 It`s designed for life-like, extremely fast dynamic swings and precision holographic sound. I`m sure this slim beauty will surprise you a lot.

In comparison 956 MKII (being a older design) has a damping factor of > 2000 and Pass Labs X 350.8 has a damping factor of only > 150. I also like Pass Labs amps very much but they are super for bit too vivid or harsh sounding speakers. If you need a detail and the finest precision then Burmester is a way to go. 

Probably some are not familiar with the latest Burmester sound signature. The most eminent characteristics are unrivaled micro and macro dynamics, absolutely open, extremely refined live like sound with slightly liquid and warmish tonality signature that is addicting. Soundstage, it`s deepness and 3D illusion is probably something that you never heard or expected.


CONDITION is mint, basically as new. Couple microscopic nicks may be found at very close inspection and slight usage is evident on speaker cable ports, otherwise there is not any scratch or visible wear anywhere that will separate it from new. I uploaded a lot of pictures. These probably talk a lot more than my words. I can send more pictures, owners manual or product information brochure for serious buyers.



Burmester 036 amplifier

Burmester Silver Power Cord (EU plug).

Burmester Remote Cable

Owners Manual + Information Brochure

Original Packing


FOR US Buyers

The amplifier is already set to US 110-120V due to non paying buyer from US!
I can set it back to 220V-240V if needed.



I can ship Worldwide

The weight is approx. 25 kg so it can be sent to most countries via national post.

Couriers like DHL, UPS, FedEx etc. are also possible but much more expensive. My company has a contract with DHL so probably it will be most reasonable, but everything can be checked out.

Here are some exemplary rates (these are in EUR) for registered shipping via national post:

EUROPE (EU) - 45 up to 110 EUR (depending of country)

USA and Canada - 145 EUR

Japan -125 EUR

Australia, New Zeland, Emirates, Singapore, Hong Kong, China - 210 EUR

Brazil - 260 EUR



Bridgeable into mono operation by external mono adapters or internally at the factory when
ordering a pair of 036 mono amps
Bi-amping with the use of external bi-amping adapters
Balanced circuitry throughout like all Burmester components
Input stages in proprietary X-Amp technology (Class A)
Low overall negative feedback
Signal path completely DC-coupled, no distorting capacitors
High current delivery capabilities due to an oversized power supply
High damping factor enables effortless control of any speaker over the entire frequency
range, even at high frequencies
Stable at any load over the entire frequency range
Massive binding posts for connection of speaker cables (use only spade plugs!)
Remote on/off switching in connection with Burmester pre-amps and D/A converters with
variable output (remote control current: 10V DC)
A protection circuit outside of the signal path monitors the 036 during operation for overheating, DC offset and overdrive.


TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS (additionally last picture)

Dimensions (WxHxD): 482 mm x 95 mm x 482 mm
Weight: app. 25 kg (55lbs.)
Rated power output: Stereo: 2x171 W at 4Ω
Mono: 1x300 W at 4Ω
Continuous peak current: 30 A
Damping factor: >1800
Signal-to-noise ratio: >81 dB
Input impedance 1.5 kΩ (bal.), 15 kΩ (unbal.)
Input sensitivity: 730 mV for full gain
320 mV for 100W at 4 Ω load
Frequency response: 0-200kHz (-3dB)
Rise time (stereo/mono): 1,4 μs at 4/8 Ω load
1,9 μs at 1 Ω load
Oversized power supply with 88.000 μF filter capacity and 450 VA toroidal transformer.
Additional local filtering close to the output stages of 12.000 μF per channel. ________________________________________________________________________
Feel free to check my flawless feedback over last 15 years as Audiogoner and buy with confidence!



It won`t stay here for a long !

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