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C.A.L.  T3.2. 3-way Horn System in Walnut Burl

Classic Audio Reproductions started out making updated reproductions of James B. Lansing's Hartsfields.  Nowadays the same company is called Classic Audio Loudspeakers, most of the speakers they sell use field coil drivers and while sonically different, they are dramatically more expensive.   Using TAD drivers from Japan and the finest components in the crossover, superb cabinet craftsmanship, these speakers were shockingly good two decades ago and paired with $140,000 worth of electronics today - they still sound amazing.  At the time of purchase, we spent months choosing a finish that my wife would approve of. We settled on a satin finished walnut burl veneer. I bought these speakers approx. twenty years ago as C.A.R.  T3, was seriously looking at the Avantgarde Duo at the time but I felt the latter were too colored & horney sounding.
The T3’s were updated during CES 2006 by the speaker designer John Wolfe to T3.2 with the replacement of the TAD 15” woofers (TL-1601C) and the matching crossovers.
As the  TAD TL-1601C woofers had been discontinued, I had to buy a used pair of speakers and discard the rest of the speakers.
We used the T3.2 speakers at CES 2006 to launch the new Halcro DM88 to great effect. It was funny to have audiophiles admonish me that these horn speakers did not need a high powered SS amplifier. That was until I played the drum solo from Sweet Sue from Bucky Pizzarelli’s Swing Live SACD. Literally, people jumped from their chairs when they heard the drum kit explode into the room. Completely clean, loud & without distortion; all of the visceral impact you would enjoy if you were standing next to a drum kit being taken through its paces.
See Jon Iverson’s and Wes Phillips 2006 CES comments on Stereophile.

Another song that worked amazingly well was Peter Gabriel’s Growing Up from “Up”; there is an immediacy on Mr Gabriel’s voice that is utterly compelling.  In fact I have never heard this song as involving as the T3’s with large sweet-sounding SS amps. At the moment, I am driving the T3.2 with Luxman B-1000f mono blocks. The new Gryphon Ethos CD was an amazing source, but we also have a reVox PR99 playing master tape dubs and a couple of turntables.   Initially, I used 2A3 amps & other low powered tube amps, but grew bored of the overly colored presentation.  While the speakers are easy to drive 96dB efficient,  they respond well to the best electronics you can lay your hand on.

I know that I am going to regret selling these speakers, but even my large listening room is running out of space with two pairs of Gryphon and two pairs of Graham speakers.  The other speakers are what we distribute.

We are looking for $8,600, please don’t respond with some low ball offer. We have the original packaging, shipping will be road freight; strapped & wrapped to a pallet at the buyer's cost.
We will demonstrate to serious buyers.  Local pick up = perfect. Dimensions 24" W x 25" D x 47" H   Shipping weight approx 500 lb. strapped & wrapped on a pallet.
Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions or higher resolution photos.
Thanks for reading my story.
Philip O’Hanlon

Manufacturer’s warranty apply for new units within U.S only.  All sales are final.  No refund. No exchange. Wire transfer preferred.  C.C. + 3.5%.  Shipping excluded.  Send us your zip code for a shipping estimate.

CA residents will need to pay sales tax.    

Please do not hesitate to contact On A Higher Note with any  questions or high resolution images

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